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Over the past several years, John Baumgart, owner of Variety Slabbing Service, has worked with Jeff Oxman to produce several PC software titles, each referred to as Attribution Wizards, to assist in attributing Morgan and Peace dollar varieties. At present, there are six different titles available, with a seventh due in January:

These titles have demystified what were once some of the most daunting series for collectors. Many clear photographs of each variety are represented on each title, and attribution of your coins is accomplished interactively through a pictoral flowchart and a series of "yes" or "no" questions. Some titles feature a training program to help you sharpen your attribution skills. The Top 50 Peace Dollar title also includes animated die progressions for the several die break varieties.

"The 8TF Attribution Wizard is easy to use and allows the collector to quickly identify the obverse and reverse die varieties and corresponding VAM number. With detailed and clear photos of each die variety, a quick comparison of the coin's key areas with these photos allows the collector to answer simple yes and no questions and determine the variety's VAM number. This is an accurate and time saving way for attribution if one has access to a computer. And it is fun to use!!"  — Leroy Van Allen

These titles are available through Variety Slabbing Service for $24.95 each, plus $2.50 shipping for the first title and 50c for each additional title.