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The VAMSeal
The VAMSeal provides collectors and specialist in Morgan and Peace dollars as well as select other US coin types that have been graded and encapsulated by a third party grading service
  • Accurate attribution of your Morgan and Peace dollar by VAM number, or other type by its preferred cataloging number, using the latest, cutting-edge attribution information
  • A label on the slab containing the name and detailed description of the variety of your coin, and a cross-reference to the serial number assigned by the grading service
  • A photograph of the key diagnostic of the variety as it appears on your coin on the label

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The VAMSeal label fits on all PCGS, NGC, ICG, and ANACS holders. If you have coins not graded by a third party grading service, please view the VAMSlab product information page.

Variety Slabbing Service will attribute and apply a VAMSeal to your varieties for $6 per coin, plus return shipping and insurance. Click for a submission form.