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The VAMSlab

The VAMSlab provides collectors and specialists in Morgan and Peace dollars with
  • Accurate attribution of your Morgan and Peace dollar by VAM number using the latest attribution information
  • Encapsulation of your coin in a Coin World Prestige-style holder
  • The name and detailed description of the variety of your coin ON THE HOLDER
  • A photograph of the key diagnostic of the variety as it appears on your coin ON THE HOLDER
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The idea of the VAMSlab is to help you identify the VAM number of the coins you already have. Variety Slabbing Service is not a grading service, and the VAMSlab does not contain an opinion as to the grade of the coin. Coins that have supporting documentation as discovery coins will be so labeled.

If you have coins already graded by a third party grading service, please view the VAMSeal product information page.

Note: Variety Slabbing Service is currently unable to print identification information on the top edge of the holder.

Variety Slabbing Service will attribute and encapsulate your Morgan and Peace dollar varieties for $6 per coin, plus return shipping and insurance. Click for a submission form.